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Corporate Gifts

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Well, it turns out that when it comes to corporate gift-giving, not a lot of people are looking forward to getting surprises in the mail. This year especially I’ve seen a lot of frustrated tweets and Facebook posts flying around… from “Oh no! More holiday gifts that I don’t need” to “It’s that time of the season… time to haul out all the junk I got from other companies.”

It made me reflect on some of the best and worst gifts I have received in the past from the vendors and partners I have worked with throughout the years. And what I realized was that there were very few gifts or gestures that truly stuck with me. Most were not very well thought through, like the numerous bottles of wines I got… not a great gift for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol. Not that I wasn’t grateful for the gesture and the investment… it’s just that…

What hit me was the realization that the best gifts I have ever received were not gifts per se, but rather experiences these gifts have enabled!

Gifts or gestures that allow you to create memories that are special to you – that is ultimately the best thing you can ever get someone. And a lot of times it only requires a little bit of effort, a little thought put into it. There is really no better way to say “we appreciate you.”


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Communication Campaigns

We are the laboratory of ideas, Creative workshop, a factory experiments in communication. This is the place where creativity take shape and is realized with the aim of achieving the objectives set by the marketing plan in full compliance with the budget and timing, optimizing resource and assets, achieving results that are characterized by freshness, innovations.

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